What is Footgolf?

What is FootGolf?

The game is played similarly to golf, with the exception that players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club, working toward a 21-inch “cup” in place of the usual golf hole. The player who finishes the course with the fewest shots wins. Indeed, footgolf is often played on golf courses, though it may also be played on specially built grass footgolf courses. The first shot has to be played from the tee box, and bunkers, trees, water and hills must be crossed or avoided in order to reach the hole. The game is played with a regulation No. 5 soccer ball. Because football-soccer balls travel less distance than golf balls, footgolf is played on holes shorter than those used in golf. For instance, one course in California features holes that average 157 yards. Pars are typically 5 shots or fewer.


Generally the game is played without the supervision of a referee. Footgolf relies on the integrity of the player to show consideration for other players and to adhere to the rules of the game. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, be courteous at all times and uphold sportsmanship.
You can wear your favourite top or simply put on a t-shirt, ideally a collared one. Shorts wise, you can wear either knee-length or opt for trousers as long as they are comfortable. It’s best if the shorts or the trousers have a drawstring or an elastic waistband as this will allow you to flex more freely with your lower body. Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or cut off shorts as these are not allowed on most footgolf courses. The official footgolf attire comprises of knee high argyle socks. But, you can also wear ankle length socks with wick moisture padding. This will provide an extra padding to your kicks and will also keep your feet dry in hot and wet conditions.
Footwear is very important to play footgolf. Many clubs strictly prohibit wearing football boots, football studs or firm ground shoes. Football boots are restricted as they damage the delicate fairways. The best footgolf shoes are turfs that come with multi-studded rubber nubs. These shoes provide a firm grip on the ground for long hours and prevent slipping on slick or wet grass. You can also wear indoor football shoes, sports shoes or regular trainers. The shoes should be comfortable with solid arc support and good traction.

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